Saturday, October 01, 2005

forever never here

back to the place i don't belong. live here n die here but after my passing, will my soul too be here? maybe, in death, i'll be bolder and travel places far n wide. do we really leave behind our souls to wander around ? what the point, when death mkes us leave, to have something so transparant, stay back? it's like when you mop a floor off the fallen paint, there's just a hint of color left.
i don't live this lives me & eats me.
i either accept it or where?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

for a pretty face

okay, the thing is, i've been reading lately about this beauty business... these big brands spend millions of dollars to entice women like me to buy their products. promising an ageless face, poreless skin and the like. and ofcourse they have the perfect goddesses to prove it. well, i've spent quite a lot of my cash running after this dream of my own perfect complexion...long given up hope on my features though..!
well, the thing is, i want to tell u, look no further than ur fruit n vegetable vendor for all remedies for glowing and happy skin.
heres how -

to prevent wrinkles - peel a ripe banana. cut into small pieces and place in a ceramic bowl. mash with fork till it turns almost gray brown and makes a smooth paste. apply on cleansed face n neck. keep for 10 - 15 minutes. wash off with cold water. twice a week is fine

for glow- cut a few slices of ripe papaya and mash in ceramic bowl. add a teaspoon of rose water. apply on cleansed face and neck. keep for 10 - 15 minutes. wash of with luke warm water. once or twice a week.

for oily skin- 2 tablespoons of fullers earth mixed with enough rose water to form smooth paste. apply on cleansed face and neck.if yours is a combination skin, ie the T zone is oily and cheeks are dry or normal, apply only on the T zone. avoid eye area. keep till it dries. wash off with cold water. once a week.

will read up more on nature remedies, try on self and only then will pass it on.

let me know.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


my sister left early this morning for a far away place. distances arent always measured by miles or kilometers... there are distances between people living under the same roof, distances between lovers, emotional distances... i've had that very often. i really enjoy my time with my friends. we connect on a certain level but it remains there, just that level. it's not like when i was younger when friends and friendship meant more than anything else... one would walk on fire for friends... now, i dont know if i'd want to attend their weddings. not that i'm not interested, but life and its incidents change you every day. noone remains what they were an hour ago. but i will always wish them well, for they have been an incredible part of an important phase in my so called life.
my sister's gone, gone to start a new life someplace, someplace so far for me it's not easy to comprehend. i hope this distance does not affect what we have as sisters, this bond that we share, that makes us love and hate eachother, laugh and cry together, fight and make up... i'll really miss her. it's easy these days to keep in touch with email, sms, telephone calls but it's never the same as sitting at the table after dinner, catching up on the day. but we're family... we'll pull through this one too.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

does a duck drown?

why do i bother to just be? it's hard already to pass every single second and to try to be good and all that seems to fall short. because at the end of the day, i sleep with me and my anger and that feeling which goes down my throat to somewhere deep inside and i try to catch hold of it but it always escapes me.
when did i become what i am? can't seem to remember because yesterday is blank too. i think i take everyday into tomorrow for something, anything better but what i get is the same. is 'same' better than 'worse'? i dont know, know anything and yet i do see everything but it escapes me like a slippery sucker. or am i afraid of escape? because i don't know where that road will get me. anyway, i'm too tired to deal with another set of emotions. these things take a huge amount of time and energy and i sure don't have any to spare.
maybe tomorrow will be a good day. why am i happier in the company of people i don't know and why am i a sitting duck with those close to me?what if i were a duck? can a duck ever drown in his own pond? i wish i were a duck who knew nothing but to swim around his little pond the whole day and sleep at the edge by night. everyday is the same for him but he doesn't know it. he doesn't know he's dinner tonight.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

nothing to write home about

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